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Trailer Adventure

  • Adventure Level Level 3Level 4
  • Eligible from 4 years old and above

Everyone is having fun! What's the point of riding on a bumpy road with a stand-up trailer?

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Buggy will tow your trailer through the bumpy road!
Activity that can be enjoyed by kids who can’t drive the buggy too!

Steps and procedures to go on a Trailer Adventure with us

  1. Ask for available dates through email or phone call. (We do not take reservations through website at the moment.)
  2. Be at the reception 15min before your reservation time.
  3. Transport to the Trailer Adventure course.
  4. Safety briefing and instructions by your instructor.
  5. Ride away with your guide!

Details about the Trailer Adventure

Activity name Trailer Adventure
Number of participants 3-6people (6 people is the maximum number of people who can ride 1 trailer. Inquiry available for more than 7 people.)
Eligible from 4 years old~
Adventure level level 3level 4
What to wear/bring Come in comfortable clothing. We advise you to wear long sleeves/pants even during summer.
It is an outdoor activity, please be prepared for your clothings to get dirty.
Please bring gloves with you. We do sell original gloves at our shop.
Incase of an emergency, please bring your insurance card with you.
Bookings must be made by 4pm the day before.
Available slots from 9AM- / 12:30PM- / 3PM-
Time required 1hour
Price ¥3,300 (tax included)
Additional info
  • We require one guardian per child who are 6years and younger.

Please make an reservation after reading our cancellation policy.

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If there are any questions,
please message us.

Or give us a call 0265-98-0048

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