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Terms of Use

We recommend you to make advanced bookings to fully enjoy what ASOBINA offers.
Please be at the reception 15 min before your reservation time.
If you are 10+minutes late, we might change the content of your program.
If you are 15+minute late, without any notice, we will cancel your reservation and will charge you with a cancellation fee.
Please give us a call if you will be late.
If you are in a huge group, please book from here.

How to book

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Book through ASOBINA Reservation Page.
Select the activity and press “reserve”.

Select date and time, fill in your information. Booking is complete when you receive a confirmation email.

Payment can be made through the website with a credit car or at the counter (Cash, credit, Pay Pay…etc).

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Terms and conditions

【About terms of use】


  1. uring a activities the customer is obliged to fully comply with any instructions of the instructor/guide.
  2. Make sure to be ready 15min before reservation time.
  3. We ask you to sign contracts and safety regulations before activities. Signing the contract will automatically enroll you in travel accident insurance. As long as you abide by our rule, there is very little danger.

Cancellation of Activity

  1. 1.We will cancel activities due to poor weather. We will give you a call by the night before if there will be changes in the schedule. If cancel decisions are made by ASOBINA, you’ll get a full refund. There will not be any kind of cancellation fee.

Injuries/accidents during activities

  • We will give emergency medical treatment but do not take any responsibility for accidents(injury or death) during activities.

Cancellation during activity

  1. Refuse to follow instructions and set foot in prohibited areas.
  2. Bad conduct towards other participants, locals, or guide.
  3. Drinking alcohol or smoking outside the smoking area.
  4. If a customer continues disturbing a service even after having been admonished, we will immediately exclude the customer from the activity. There will be no refund.
  5. If the customer rents pieces of equipment and he/she causes damage to it or loses it, he/she must replace it.


Cancellation fee will be calculated per activity, starting from the day you booked.
Cancellation mad after our opening hours will be noted as it was made on the next opening day.
If are late due to traffic/ other causes, we will still ask you to pay our cancellation fee.
Please schedule well in advance especially during holidays.

Cancellation fee

  • 7-3 days in advance : 20%
  • 2 days in advance: 30%
  • Day before: 50%
  • With notice: 80%
  • Without any notice: 100%

What to expect on the day

  1. Be at the reception 15min before reservation time.
  2. Instructor/guide will instruct you.
  3. Enjoy activities in the nature.

If there are any questions,
please message us.

Or give us a call 0265-98-0048

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